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Dream Riders meet community members in Charlotte, NC

Max Kim, Dream Rider from Los Angeles, said: “I am joining Dream Riders Across America because I want to fight for immigrant rights. I know what it is like to live in fear of deportation, unsure of what will happen in the future. I grew up in America just like every other American and am learning now that while my classmates and peers move on with their lives, I am experiencing many roadblocks because of something I had no control over. I am asking community members to give all immigrants the opportunity to have a fair and equal shot at the American Dream. Join me in this struggle by speaking up for all community members.”

Virginia Update

Building progressive youth power across the country with the ‪#‎DreamRidersAcrossAmerica‬! (Fly in from NV to drive from DC-VA-NC-GA-FL-AL-LO to TX!) Si se puede! Hal-soo-ida! Yes we can! Thank you Monica (VACIR – Virginia Coalition for Immigrant Rights) for an amazing…

Dream Riders Launch 12-Day Bus Tour in Washington D.C.

For Immediate Release July 28, 2015 CONTACT: DMV: Emily Kessel,, 651-399-9016 English: Healy Ko,, 267-304-5260 Korean: Ga Young Chung,, 217-281-2267 Dream Riders Launch 12-Day “Dream Riders Across America” Bus Tour in Washington D.C. Dream Riders meet with…

CoreeILBO: CASA, SEIU, NAKASEC: Dreamriders Leave to Advocate Immigration Rights

July 28, 2015Africa, Americas, Asia, Asian-American News, DMV, Europe, Korean-American News, Maryland, Maryland, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Northern Virginia, Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., Washington DC, Washington DC, World NewsBus tour 2015, CASA, NAKASEC, SEIU, The DreamridersCorih Kim IMG_3271 On July 28,…

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