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CoreeILBO: CASA, SEIU, NAKASEC: Dreamriders Leave to Advocate Immigration Rights

July 28, 2015Africa, Americas, Asia, Asian-American News, DMV, Europe, Korean-American News, Maryland, Maryland, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Northern Virginia, Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., Washington DC, Washington DC, World NewsBus tour 2015, CASA, NAKASEC, SEIU, The DreamridersCorih Kim IMG_3271 On July 28,…

People’s World: Dream Riders hit the road to respond to Donald Trump

Yamilex Rustrian, 7, crossed the dessert with her sister to get to this country; she was also kidnapped for 10 days. “I have lived always in fear of being picked up. When I received DACA, I was able to get a driver’s license, go to school and work to help my family. I no longer live in the shadows, but my parents remain in limbo because politics keeps playing with their lives.”