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Dream Riders: Road Trip Across America (2013 Campaign)

Dream Riders

Asian American Dreamers hit the roads between July 29 and August 7, 2013, to advocate for humane and commonsense immigration reform. One year after the introduction of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Asian American Dreamers will use their newly acquired driver’s licenses and drive from our nation’s capital to cities throughout the country.

This summer road trip was an important way for Asian American Dreamers and youth to meet each other and engage in conversations, share immigration stories and speak on the urgent need to reform our nation’s immigration system.

The tour was also the first step towards creating a national network of Asian American Dreamers and their families committed to becoming forceful change agents that determine the course of their own lives. As Asian American Dreamers, the Asian American community is our base; but we will also reach out and work collaboratively with various immigrant communities, communities of color, labor, faith, and other constituencies.

The youth left Washington, DC on July 29 and made stops in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas before returning to Los Angeles and Chicago on August 7, 2013.

Why Now?

Congress is positioned to pass a new immigration reform law. The Senate passed immigration legislation that contains provisions for a path to citizenship and the elimination of the family immigration backlogs. It also includes ramped up border enforcement and eliminates the visa categories for siblings and adult children and diversity visas. The House has yet to deliberate on a comprehensive immigration reform proposal and the House Judiciary Committee has instead introduced legislation on deportations and enforcement only legislation to date. Recent polling indicates that the House approach heeds the opinions of the majority of Americans that immigration reform should not be done piecemeal.

The immigrant rights movement has been steadfast in mobilizing support but more voices are needed, especially from the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and from regions with emerging and significant immigrant populations. We are on the crest of an important political and legislative moment and the time is now for immigrant communities to come together and stand for commonsense immigration reform that keeps families together and provides a clear and accessible roadmap to citizenship for immigrants.

Tour Components

  • Each visit will include the following:
    Dialogue with local AA youth to better understand the range of issues impacting young people and encourage increased civic engagement.
  • Meeting with diverse constituencies including immigrant, faith, labor, and communities of color, to share immigration stories and why immigration reform is important.
  • Plan a legislative visit with the district offices of various members of Congress to convey AA community voices on immigration reform.
  • Provide application assistance to young people eligible for DACA.
  • Build relationships with local organizers, leaders and organizations towards continued AA community participation in the coordinated activities.


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Dream Riders: Road Trip Across America (2013 Campaign)

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