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Dream Riders (2015 Campaign)

Dream Riders Across America was a national campaign from July 27 to August 7 of 2015 to give Asian American, Latino, and African American youth a chance to drive across the country to meet and talk with Americans from all walks of life. Dream Riders shared their personal stories of migration, hopes for their families and country, and how young people can become agents for social change and racial justice. We helped build a united network of progressive young people across the nation.

Special shout out to some of our supporters!

Marco Delossantos
Charles Fleisher
Abril Gallardo
Pavan Vangipuram
Sammie Wills

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Building the Power of Youth

In that past decade, the problems with America’s broken immigration system have attracted national attention. Much of this growing awareness is because of the tenacity and courage of young undocumented immigrants who spoke out about the injustices and inhumanity of today’s immigration laws. A few years ago, the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was introduced by President Obama — opening the doors for many of these deserving young immigrants to get driver’s licenses, attend college, and live a life without fear from deportation. Last year, there was hope that this program would expand to include certain groups of undocumented parents. Sadly, this new proposed policy change has been stuck in the courts for months.

In the meantime, young people are the ones who are taking charge. America is on the crest of an important moment that could result in monumental changes to our nation’s immigration system.  And we believe that it will be young Asian Americans, Latinos, and African Americans who will be the catalyst for this change.

Meet the Dream Riders

The Dream Riders are young Asian Americans, Latinos, and African Americans; many of whom are undocumented, DACA recipients, or come from hard working low-income families. They live in all parts of the country, including Arizona, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia, and Texas.

Join the Movement. Donate Now.

We are building the progressive power and uplifting the passion of youth all across the country. It is time that low-income and youth of color are part of the movement to achieve change in our communities. But we need your help! Every dime and dollar will go towards providing the Dream Riders the support they need to inspire, empower, galvanize, and mobilize community members towards a movement of lasting change.

Where Your Contribution Goes

100% of your contributions will go to the Dream Riders Across America bus tour

  • Lodging, food, and transportation for our Dream Riders
  • Community events in local cities
  • Logistical support, including materials and supplies
  • Providing a memorable life experience for young people
  • Supporting the development of young people

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Who We Are

Dream Riders (2015 Campaign)

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